Paper Texture ID Challenge
Texture images available for application development
texture images

This site provides access to texture images made from photographic paper. These image collections can be used to develop automated classification and sorting schemes as well as other related signal processing applications.

Each set of images is divided into four categories based on anticipated levels of similarity. The four similarity categories have three subsets of ten images each for a total of 120 images per set. The categories:

  1. Same sheet of paper (10 images X 3 papers)
  2. Same package of paper (10 images X 3 packages)
  3. Same manufacturing standards over short time intervals -- papers in this category share the same manufacturer and surface texture designation but were taken from different packages brought to market at different times (10 images X 3 manufacturer surfaces)
  4. Randomly selected papers, showing a fuller diversity of textures (30 images)

Download the datasets:

Apply here with your name, a one sentence description of your application and your affiliation if any. The images are intended for scholarly, non-commercial use only. Use of images is governed by Terms and Conditions.

  • 120 texture images of black and white photo-paper
  • 120 texture images of inkjet paper and canvas
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